Welcome to Las Vegas, easy to find a Girl, HARD to find a Reputable Drama Free Hot Lady! I'm one of the Hard to find ones. No games here.

A 29yr old Asian American Model Beauty, From the Sun Shine State of Florida, Now in Las Vegas 12years a Local. A very sensual beautiful figure, New Perky 32D-24-34, stand 5'8 Flat foot, Heel's....I'm Tall, Thin with Curves on a tight, toned
and tanned body. Long dark hair, Full lips........ 
and silky smooth skin complete my uniquely exotic
look, striking to the eye and smooth to the touch.  25%Japanese and German, True GFE, Exotic, 
I'm a Professional, Elegant Lady who enjoys the best of life. Down to earth Sexy Glowing Personality. I'm not A Faker or Faker! I'm known for my Outgoing real Personality, As well as My Beauty Inside and Out Matches! With a flawless Sexy smile. Captivating exotic eyes that portray a sense of amiability, A Truly Lovely Face I hate to hide! I definitely do not look my age at all but I'm honest about it as rare goes to show I am..There is an intoxicating Lady, who,upon opening the door, can make the world suddenly disappear. So, what are you waiting for?  
The invitation is open to the Exclusive with a sense of Professionalism and Allure. That's not looking for an Actor, But a Real Lady that's pleased to meet your Acquaintance. I do not Drink, Party etc I'm truly a Unique Lady who Enjoys the Best and Making you Smile makes me Happy! I'm not new at all, very well know Reputation, NO matter which states I have been in.... I have Truly meet some Great Friends and Look forward to meeting You! I do have a regular day job so I'm not available until 1pm (1st call). I WILL be the Lady you NEVER forgot you spent time in Vegas with and only tell only your best friend about!

It's 2018 I want to say I have several changes this year happening and opportunities, goals I could be leaving this for future advancements and when I do will announce with a months notice for everyone and a possible private vip Erotic goodbye party you would not want to miss with several other entertainers joining.

In my life this year. If I'm one still on your to see list you might want to fulfill that:-) 

And of course new friends always welcome! (Space limited)
'Jewel xoxo' A rare find in Vegas I am!

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